Competition pool's equipment and accessories

"Quality explains our achievements"

I.S.I has made quality its benchmark, the inspirational principle for its business.

This key point show itself from standard production up to tailor-made solutions.

Removable headwall

New concept design in compliance with FINA regulations

Open face platform allow to get FINA approval for Competitions, keeping water circulation on 4 sides. It is completely built with stainless steel AISI 316, polished on aesthetic details. Horizontal and vertical covering with ABS grating stabilized to UV ray and acid stabilized, reinforced internally by stainless steel tubes.

Moveable pool floor

Top benefits for an innovative swimming pool

Movable floor allow to vary pool’s depth in order to be adapted to different activities: competitions, diving, rehabilitation, swim courses, sub, aqua gym, children courses. Every activity has a specific water depth, in order to permit every operation to be carried out safely.

Moveable bulkhead

Swimming pool management reach new targets

Needed component and nearly compulsory to divide the pool in two, giving possibility to undertake different activities in the same time. Built in completely accordance with all safety regulations, the bulkheads are easy to be moved and permit a huge overload in no-water circumstance too.


All the components to complete the swimming pool’s structure

To conduct at theirs best all the activities in the pool, some items are needed to allow to carry out every training, sport or competition, with the highest safety, versatility and without worries.

Customer services

Our activity is based on Customer care through making an informal and comfortable environment where to discuss and plan together the best solutions for fine-tuning the swimming pool.


The technological research and the experience as Supplier for the main world Competition, allowed us to achieve milestones in term of design and advanced building materials.


Raw materials used for our Components reach top level quality and nearly complete Italian origin. Engineering and production are placed on our Factory based in Negrar (VR).
This is the only way to guarantee long life and efficiency for our products.

Our products have been chosen for every main Competition, included Olympic Games from Atlanta 1996 to Rio 2016.


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Competition pool's equipment and accessories

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